Admissions Review and Selection Process

Roseman University of Health Sciences offers an Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) degree. The ABSN program admits a class three times per year, generally in July, October, and February.

Admissions Timeline and Deadlines

For information regarding deadlines and application timelines, please complete an online request form to be assigned an advisor or call 702-968-1679. We strongly advise prospective students to speak to an advisor prior to submitting an application to the ABSN program.

*The College of Nursing employs a rolling admissions process. Classes may be filled prior to the deadline indicated. Please contact the Admissions and Enrollment Office to determine if classes have been filled.

Receipt of Application

The College of Nursing Admissions and Enrollment Office will notify an applicant via e-mail upon receipt of an application. Applications will be reviewed in the order received.

Academic Achievement Score

The Admissions and Enrollment Office reviews an applicant’s official transcript(s) to determine his/her academic achievement score. The academic achievement score (maximum 38 points) is determined by evaluating an applicant’s:

  • Last 60-credits GPA
  • Prerequisite Courses

TEAS Score

The TEAS results will be reviewed to ensure that the minimum required scores have been met. The applicant’s TEAS score (maximum 35 points) is determined by evaluating an applicant’s score in each individual area of the TEAS and the Adjusted Individual Total Score.

Roseman University now offers the TEAS Exam via virtual proctoring. To register for the exam please visit

Interview Score

If granted, the Admissions and Enrollment Office will contact the applicant via email or telephone to schedule an interview date and time. Therefore, it is essential that the Admissions and Enrollment Office be contacted if there are any changes in contact information.

The interview panel consists of two interviewers and may consist of a student representative. The student candidate is scored according to the following components (maximum 18 points can be earned)

  • Overall Communication
  • Leadership/Team Skills
  • Motivation
  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Professionalism
  • Compassion

During the interview, the student candidate will be asked to provide a writing sample on a subject or question provided by the Admissions Committee. The student candidate will be scored on grammar, content, organization, vocabulary, and format (maximum 12 points can be earned).

Selection Process

After the interview, the academic achievement, TEAS, interview, and writing sample scores will be totaled and ranked. The Admissions Committee will consider the score in their final decision.

An admissions decision is generally made after each interview session. The Admissions Committee may choose to place an applicant on hold until all applicants are interviewed and reviewed.

Offer of Admission

Applicants offered admission will receive an admissions packet that includes:

  1. A letter from the College of Nursing Admissions and Enrollment Office granting admission into the program
  2. An Admissions Packet
  3. Checklist of documents to return
  4. Registration & Payment Agreement
  5. Sample Curriculum Calendar
  6. Additional information in regards to the Admissions & Enrollment Process

Accepting Admission

In order to accept an offer of admission, an applicant should follow the directions in the Admissions Office and return all required documents and a seating deposit of $250 to the College of Nursing Admissions and Enrollment Office.

Failure to turn in all required documents will delay the student’s enrollment into the program. Admission to the College of Nursing is contingent upon the Admissions and Enrollment Office receiving official transcripts documenting successful completion of all prerequisites, earning a Bachelor’s degree, and meeting minimum admission requirements on or prior to the first day of classes.

Applicants who decline, are denied, or withdraw from an offer of admission must reapply to be considered for admission in future classes.

Deferring Admission

Admission to the College of Nursing Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program may not be deferred at any time.

In the event a student is granted admission to the College of Nursing Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program (ABSN) and, due to extenuating circumstances, unable to start the program during the term of admission, the application of the student will be rolled to the following term’s application pool for review. Admissions acceptance will not be deferred and the applicant must be reviewed following the process of the standard admission review for the following term. Students may not rollover their application any further than the next term. Admission to a future term when applications are rolled over is not guaranteed under any circumstance. If the student is unable to resolve his/her situation to begin the next term a new application and application fee must be submitted to the future term in which he/she chooses to apply.

If a student has already submitted a seating deposit for the program and is unable to attend and wishes to roll over the application, the seating deposit will be refunded and the application will be rolled into the following term’s application pool for review. When applications are rolled over, admission into a new cohort is not guaranteed under any circumstance.

The rollover of applications is at the discretion of the College of Nursing. Students are responsible for contacting the College of Nursing to discuss the application rollover option in the event they have extenuating circumstances that prevent their matriculation into the accepted cohort.

A student who is admitted to the nursing program, contingent on completing the admission requirements and does not meet these contingencies cannot start the program. The student’s application will not roll over and the student must reapply by submitting a new application and application fee.

Financial Aid

Roseman offers financial aid to qualifying students in the form of grants, scholarships, and loans. Please note that the maximum federal aid (Pell Grant and Stafford Loans) will not cover the entire cost of tuition and fees of the program. Students may need to acquire a private loan to be able to finance the remainder of the cost of the program. The Financial Aid Office recommends that loan applications be completed at least 4 weeks prior to the start of the program.

For more information, please visit the Financial Aid section of this website.