Roseman University of Health Sciences offers an 18-month Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) with two different learning modalities, hybrid-online or on-campus.

The ABSN on-campus learning modality option offers the didactic component on-campus, in-person. Clinical rotations, group assignments, and laboratory assignments are also held in-person at one of the Roseman campuses and/or healthcare facilities throughout Southern Nevada and Utah.

The ABSN program prepares the candidates for entry into practice as a nurse generalist.  At the completion of the program, the graduate is prepared to practice the profession of nursing assuming legal, ethical, and professional responsibility as identified in the Nurse Practice Act. The graduate must apply for, take, and pass the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) required for all registered nurse candidates.

Campus and Admissions Timeframes

The ABSN on-campus learning modality option admits once a year in August.

  • Campus: Henderson, Nevada and South Jordan, Utah
  • Applications Accepted: July 1 – May 1 (or until classes are filled)
  • Application Deadline: May 1* (applications may still be accepted after May 1st.  Please contact the Admissions Office for further information)
  • Available Seats: 48 at each campus

Course Block Curriculum System

The University uses the “Block System” of curricular design, which provides students with the opportunity to study one content area intensely and master it without distractions from other subjects.  Therefore, the student’s progression within the nursing program is dependent on the mastery of the subject matter necessary for application in the subsequent Block.

Level of Achievement

The University has set the standard of achievement for each Block at 90%.  That means that in order to receive a “pass”, or “P”, a student must achieve a score of 90% or higher on each assessment.

The College of Nursing is committed to creating an environment whereby students are provided additional learning opportunities to achieve the standard of 90% on all block requirements.  Thus, students are provided the opportunity to remediate Assessments, skills, and other educational assignments to achieve the 90% passing grade.  Remediation provides students the opportunity to work with the faculty to identify areas that require additional focus and mastery, develop learning strategies, and re-test or rewrite the educational assignment.

Students are given additional opportunities through remediation to achieve a standard of 90% in order to accommodate different styles and rates of learning.

Classroom/ Lab Hours

The ABSN on-campus learning modality option is a full-time program. Classes are held Monday-Friday from 8:00 am – 3:00 pm for all didactic components in each block. Skills lab assignments may require participation after normal class hours. Blocks vary in length depending on the number of credits and whether or not a clinical component is required.

Clinical Rotations

Clinical rotations are held at various hospitals and healthcare facilities. Clinical rotation hours vary in length and hours depending on the block, facility, and scheduling. Students are assigned the hours and location of a clinical rotation.

Additional information regarding the ABSN program admissions requirements, curriculum, and policies may be obtained by downloading the College of Nursing Student Handbook.