RNPC Scholar

Become a Registered Nurse in Primary Care (RNPC) Scholar!

RNPC Training Overview

In August 2018, the Roseman University College of Nursing was awarded a grant from the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) division of Nurse Education, Practice, Quality and Retention (NEPQR) to recruit and train undergraduate nursing students and current Registered Nurses to practice to the full scope of their license in community-based primary care settings.

The RNPC Training Grant seeks to:

  • Achieve a sustainable primary care nursing workforce
  • Even the distribution of the nursing workforce
  • Improve access to care and population health outcomes

The RNPC training is available at both the Roseman University Nevada and Utah campuses.

Why Primary Care?

The need for competent Nursing professionals in Primary Care is growing.   According to the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (2016), New models of primary care should be focused on families and individuals; include a redesign of services and structures within primary care; address population health management; have cost control mechanisms, and include system integration and execution.

Nurses are being called to fill primary care roles and to help patients manage chronic illnesses; thereby, minimizing acute care episodes and disease progression. They are expected to use a variety of technological tools and complex information management systems that require skills in analysis and synthesis to improve the quality and effectiveness of care.

Traditional nursing education experiential activities have generally occurred in the acute care (hospital) setting.  A change in the American healthcare system is being sought, where we move from an acute-care / illness base to a prevention base.  Additionally, nursing students who have the ultimate goal to become an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) should realize that although there is a small percentage of nurse practitioners who do practice in acute care, the majority of APRN’s practice in outpatient and medical office settings.

RNPC Scholars

In addition to the Primary Care initiatives that are presented in the didactic curriculum, the RNPC training grant will have limited opportunities for students to be designated as RNPC Scholars. In addition to the many clinical opportunities afforded to all students, RNPC Scholars will have an opportunity to gain valuable clinical knowledge and experiences in primary care in:

  • Fundamentals of Nursing
  • Community and Mental Health Nursing
  • Senior Practicum (optional)

RNPC Scholars will receive:

  • Opportunities to travel to rural and underserved facilities to gain experience in Primary Care (Transportation and Lodging expenses are included)
  • A minimum of 150 hours of training in Primary Care
  • RNPC Scholar Training Certificate
  • RNPC Scholar Designation and Cord at Graduation
  • Stipend (varies depending on course)

RNPC Scholars availability:

At this time, the RNPC Scholar opportunities are limited and available to the cohorts starting on the following dates:

  • July 2020
  • February 2021
  • July 2021
  • August 2021
  • February 2022

How to become an RNPC Scholar:

Email: rnpc@roseman.edu
Phone: 702-968-1651

I am ready to apply:

Students interested in the RNPC Scholars training opportunity must meet all admission requirements and be accepted into the BSN program in which they apply. Please CONTACT NURSING for information related to the prerequisites, application, and enrollment into the College of Nursing pre-licensure programs.

This project is supported by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) of the U.S.Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) as part of an award totaling $2.8 million with 0 percentage financed with non-governmental sources. The contents are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the official views of, nor an endorsement, by HRSA, HHS, or the U.S. Government.