Although student organizations have been or may be approved to operate on any Roseman University of Health Sciences (Roseman) campus, the views, opinions, statements and/or philosophy of the organization are solely those of the organization and do not necessarily represent those of the students, employees, Administration and the Board of Trustees of Roseman.

Student Organization Handbook


Student Club/Organization Application & Registration Form
This form is for any new club or organization with an interest in forming at Roseman University or for any existing club or organization in need of submitting its annual registration information.

Release of Liability and Assumption of Risks Form
This form is to be completed each year by club or organization members that participate in off-campus events which involve safety concern.

Application for Student Organization Event Approval
Request to Engage in External Fundraising
Request to Sell Items with Roseman University Name, Logo, or Trademark

Roseman University Brand Guide
This document provides specific guidelines and standards to the Roseman University community for maintaining the University’s visual identity in all forms of communication.

Roseman Student Clubs & Organizations

Drug Abuse Awareness Team (DAAT)
Drug Abuse Awareness Team (DAAT) is a student organization dedicated to educating the youth about the abuse/misuse of prescription and nonprescription drugs and the dangers of drug addiction. DAAT’s present commitments are to work in cooperation with the various schools to deliver our message.

Henderson Faculty Advisor:    Dr. Krystal Riccio
South Jordan Faculty Advisor: Dr. Elizabeth Unni and Dr. Danielle Maila

The Latter Day Saint Student Association (LDSSA)
The Latter Day Saint Student Association (LDSSA) is a University-wide club that has as its purpose to provide a spiritual dimension to the academic studies of LDS students at Roseman. The Association meets weekly during the academic year and offers a class taught by a faculty member of the LDS Institute of Religion. LDSSA clubs are found on many University and College Campuses in the United States and especially in the west. The classes while geared to the interests of LDS students are open to all.

Henderson Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jeffery Talbot
South Jordan Staff Advisor: Dr. Casey Sayre

The Roseman Hiking Club
The Roseman Hiking Club was formed to allow faculty, staff, and students at Roseman to participate in enjoyable outdoor activities together. The intent is to accommodate all levels of hikers from occasional weekend strolls in Red Rock Canyon to our premiere hike each year to the top of Mt. Charleston.

Henderson Faculty Advisor: Dr. Gary Manley
South Jordan Faculty Advisor: Dr. Clarissa Gregory

Movimiento Estudiantil (M.E.R.)
Movimiento Estudiantil Roseman is committed to promoting awareness and education on the essential role of Spanish-speaking health professionals within the Latino community. We advocate the practice of Spanish-speaking skills in multiple settings including school, hospital and community sites through language workshops and practice sessions led by M.E.R.’s existing active members, fellow alumni or interested community volunteers. As a brand new organization, M.E.R. promotes student leadership opportunities that will complement the goals and interests of the organization and supports individual and collective projects or philanthropic endeavors regarding community health issues. The main goal is to focus on all minority and underserved communities in need of outreach and advocacy for healthcare related issues and develop a plan of actions for positive contributions on behalf of M.E.R.

Henderson Faculty Advisor: Dr. Brian Oxhorn and Dr. Susan Nguyen

(new) RU Jewish Club
The mission of the Roseman Jewish Club is to inspire and uplift Jewish students from all backgrounds to share, learn, and partake of all that our beautiful heritage has to offer.  Through classes, outings, shabbas, and holiday dinners all provided by Chabod’s non-judgmental environment and acceptance of all’.  The club is open to people of all backgrounds who are interested in learning, observing and sharing the Jewish tradition

Henderson Faculty Advisor: Professor Nancy Bryan

Society for Advancement of Management (S.A.M. Club)
The S.A.M. Club provides an opportunity for members to increase management skills and expertise through participation in programs and services designed to improve the professional quality of their knowledge, performance, and leadership ability.

Henderson Staff Advisor:  No Active Chapter; Dr. Okeleke Nzeogwu
South Jordan Staff Advisor:  No Active Chapter; Dr. Okeleke Nzeogwu

Student Government Association (SGA)
The Student Government Association (SGA) is open to students from Dental, MBA, Nursing, Pharmacy and Ortho/MBA Programs. In addition, there are faculty advisors from each program and the Registrar/ Director of Student Services as well as the Assistant Director of Student Services serve in an ex-officio capacity. The SGA represents all students at Roseman (by campus) and acts as a voice for the student body.  The SGA reports to the Vice President for Student Services.

Henderson Staff Advisor: Dr. Surajit Dey
South Jordan Staff Advisor: Dr. Douglas Ashman

College of Nursing Clubs & Organizations

Critical Care and Emergency Student Nurses Association (CCESNA)
The Critical Care and Emergency Student Nurses Association seeks to fulfill the following roles:
Prepare students intending to enter the critical care or emergency department fields of nursing regarding job-related experiences; help students practice interview techniques for future job hires; educate students about nurse residencies, internships, apprenticeships, and the key differences between them; encourage presentation from outside sources to educate students about what they may experience in related job fields; educate students about extracurricular programs and classes that can benefit those interested in critical care or emergency department nursing; and to give back to the community through means of community service.

Henderson Faculty Advisor:  Professor Rowena Bermundo and Professor Oligens Sulo
South Jordan Faculty Advisor: No Active Chapter

Student Nurses Association (SNA)
The Student Nurses Association is a local chapter of the National SNA. The NSNA is a pre-professional organization for student nurses. The Roseman SNA is involved in community health activities.

Henderson Faculty Advisor:  Professor Jennabelle Alexander-Andrews
South Jordan Faculty Advisor: No Active Chapter

Honor Society of Nursing
The Roseman Honor Society of Nursing is a nonprofit organization which celebrates superior academic excellence, the development of leadership qualities, service to the community, and commitment to the ideals and purposes of the nursing profession.

Henderson Faculty Advisor: Professor Fred Calixtro