The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs mandates that all transcripts be evaluated for prior credit within two semesters, including transcripts for military training, even if credit may not be granted.   To request for military transcripts, please visit the appropriate websites applicable to the service branch.

  1. Joint Services Transcript (JST) (Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Navy)
  2. Community College of the Air Force
  3. Air Force Institute of Technology
  4. Other Air University schools

Military Experiential Credit (Prerequisite Coursework)

The College of Nursing may award college credit based on the recommendations of the American Council on Education (ACE) and experience description documented on an official military transcript to fulfill humanities and/or elective prerequisite requirements.

Additional policies may apply to the acceptance of general education coursework in the fulfillment of the prerequisite coursework.  Please refer to the Acceptance of General Transfer Credit policy.

If military experiential credit is transferred to satisfy prerequisite requirements, the number of transferred credits will be based on ACE recommendations and will be transferred in as “credit” with no grade awarded.  Military experiential credit will only be reviewed and accepted for the satisfaction of the humanities and electives credits.

Military Medical Experiential Credit  (Nursing Coursework)

Veterans with medical backgrounds may potentially be awarded upper division nursing credits for their military experience and education. The College of Nursing will evaluate documents presented by the participant which support their training, education, and experience relevant to the curriculum.  Consistent with the recommendation of ACE, the credit awarded for prior military experience will incorporate ACE recommendations, the nursing program of study at Roseman University of Health Sciences, and the demonstrated competencies of the veteran.

In the blocks involving skills and specified competencies, a challenge system will allow veterans to demonstrate the associated knowledge, skills and abilities to receive credit.  This will consist of cognitive assessments based on the blueprint from the block outcomes and demonstration of the competency skill set in a medium to high-fidelity simulation laboratory.  Veterans will have access to faculty prior to the challenge to provide for adequate preparation.  Using the competency-based skills checklist and the video taping system, veterans will have the opportunity to evaluate their performance, prior to the assessment, and engage in remediation if needed.  This will provide qualified veterans with an opportunity to obtain credit for their prior experiences and education.

The College of Nursing may award baccalaureate-level nursing college credit based on medical experience in the field during active or reserve status military duty.  Eligibility for prior military medical experience will be determined based on:

  1. Appropriate Healthcare Specialist rating or comparable occupation, within the past five years, as identified on the DD-214,
  2. Credit recommendations of the American Council on Education (ACE), and
  3. Experience, training and/or occupational description documented on an official military transcript.

Awarding of nursing credit for prior medical experience in the field during active or reserve status military duty will be limited to students who:

  • Are accepted as a VBSN student in the BSN or ABSN program (this includes submission of all required enrollment documents on or prior to the applicable deadlines),
  • Score a 90% or higher in the credit by examination process conducted by the College of Nursing which may include, but is not limited to, applicable block assessments and/or skills reviews , and
  • Has successfully completed Block 1.0

Nursing credit via military medical experience may only be awarded for Blocks 3.0 (Fundamentals of Nursing), and 4.0 (Pharmacology).

Credit by Examination (Documented on Military Transcript)

The College of Nursing may award college credit based on proficiency credit awarded through approved Credit-by-Examination programs.  Please refer to the policy for Credit by Examinations and Prerequisite Equivalencies.